If your children want to succeed in school and attend college one day, helping them with their homework is a noble deed you can perform. Help your kids to understand the basic concept behind basic mathematical equations they are attempting to solve. Give them familiar examples that transform an addition or division problem into a practical solution. For instance, explain to your children that if four persons are sharing a pizza pie containing eight slices, and these slices are divided by four, each person will eat two slices. History Read the rest of this entry »

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Planning a kid’s sleepover can be exciting for both you and your child. When school is out during the weekend, offer to let a few of your child’s friends come over and spend the night. This fun activity is something that no child should miss out on. From staying up late watching funny and scary movies, to enjoying a midnight snack of pizza and popcorn, there’s nothing else quite like having a kid’s sleepover weekend. If you are planning this fun-filled event, take advantage of these helpful tips to make the most out Read the rest of this entry »

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There are some pretty obvious ways to make a home safe for the baby. Stuff like buying the necessary equipment and monitors and maybe even getting a security system off of www.homesecurity101.com or the like. Then there are some not so obvious ways.

One way that a lot of beginner parents seem to forget about when it comes to home safety is actually getting down on all fours and crawling around. This gives you an idea on the baby’s perspective and gives you some insight on what the baby might be able to reach and possible hazards they could crawl into. For example, that glass coffee table with the sharp corners might seem pretty harmless to you, but to a baby…

If you have any hard floors like wood, then it might be wise to throw down a soft carpet or rug. That way, when your baby gets a little more mobile, they will have a much cushier place to practice their walks.

A dog might not be a bad idea either. Dogs not only make a home significantly more secure, kids love them. Some dog breeds can be very loyal and develop strong bonds with children and, in turn, they can help children develop important social skills as well.

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The grind of the work and school week is over and the weekend is upon you. What to do with the family that is affordable,nearby, and fun for every member of the family? There are many things that can be done right in your backyard, neighborhood, or if willing to take a short drive, nearby.

If the weather is less than perfect an ideal indoor past time can be visiting a museum. Most large cities have museums that are very affordable and some are even free to visit. There one can explore history, culture and even Read the rest of this entry »

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Life is busy. For most families work and school dominate the weekdays. Weekends are often lost to chores and errands. As a parent it is important to take time to remove yourself from obligations to spend quality time with your children. A few hours of uninterrupted family time tightens and reaffirms bonds and connections.
Quality time with children does not have to be expensive. While a trip to Disneyland promises fun and adventure, children are quite happy with free and fun Read the rest of this entry »

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Weekends can be a time when the kids are bored and nerves are on end. This can be avoided by planning a simple craft or activity that will fill their day with fun and give you a chance to unwind. Board games can be an activity that will take up an hour or two, but then you will be right back to boredom city.

Why not do something that will spark their imaginations and keep them busy at the same time? A great way to fill Read the rest of this entry »

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It seems that every year, the toy manufacturers introduce whole new lines of products children clamor for their parents to buy. Parents can often spend more money on toys than they really feel is necessary. To help reduce the cost of buying toys, parents can look for advertised specials well in advance of when they intend to give the toy to the child. This can be difficult in some cases, when kids want the newest releases for electronic games or dolls. Most parents cannot afford to purchase every item released in a particular line so it is a Read the rest of this entry »

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Any parent of young children knows they are seemingly always on the move. They walk, they run, they wiggle, they squirm, they jump, they twist, and on it goes. Instead of fighting against it, direct some of that energy into fun movement games the whole family can enjoy.
To get started, turn on music and have everyone move however they like. Gradually encourage your child to experiment with different ways to move — faster or slower, http://homesecuritytown.com/burgler-alarm-systems/wireless-security-systems/, higher or lower, twisted or straight, and so on. Play songs of varying moods and move your body to match how the music makes you feel. Next play songs with varying speeds and move your body to match. Then move your body the opposite speed — it’s harder than it seems! Props such as scarves or musical instruments are fun to move with as well.
With toddlers and preschool-age children, parents can use movement games to support learning. Read a favorite book together, then make a dance to tell the story with your bodies instead of words. Use your bodies to make shapes such as triangles, circles, and diamonds. The possibilities for learning — and fun for the entire family — are nearly endless.

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